Evolve is employed to help companies implement new technologies and working methods, and support project teams in delivering their work.

We are the people who will ensure our clients follow the required project standards, train them, and fix things when they go wrong. We are the people our clients turn to for help when they need better ways of producing their models, so we’ve got to know the tools inside out. A modelling or draughting background will be invaluable. Experience of setting up collaboration software and working with a Common Data Environment is important, although no-one can know everything and the role is part of a very experienced team. We’ll provide all the support and training you need to help you deliver your responsibilities.

We are the people who explain what BIM is, and how it affects our clients’ businesses from the top-level management strategies all the way down to the deliverables. We write EIRs, collate BEPs, populate Responsibility Matrices, and implement these protocols into the working methodologies of each project team. We provide Information and Interference Management services. A firm understanding of UK BIM Level 2 is essential.

You’ll be one of the team our clients rely on to help them do their work efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about the roles available, or just an informal chat about what we’re looking for.