Evolve Consultancy has published a fully updated edition of their best-selling The Game of BIM book.

The pocket book now includes the international standards in the ISO 19650 series, along with helpful tips on all the other UK BIM Framework documents. Presented in a clear, concise and sometimes humorous fashion, The Game of BIM is intended as a quick reference to guide you through the minefield of jargon and acronyms. It helps you understand how to apply the processes to your daily operations, and the “Cheat Codes” and “BIM Hacks” give you further insight into the practicalities of use.

MD of Evolve Consultancy, Nigel Davies explains the concept behind the new digital only download: “The first editions were made available as a pocket book, but this time we’ve decided to go for eBook only. There is so much happening in the world of BIM standards, it’s likely that certain chapters may be redundant very shortly. What the eBook format allows us to do is two-fold. Firstly we can swap out content very quickly as it is updated, meaning our book is always up-to-date and providing you with the best advice available. Secondly, it means we can distribute it for free. But he best thing is, we’ve optimised it for mobile devices, so any time you need it, when you’re in that all important meeting, you can just call it up on your phone.”

Head on over to the Resources section to grab your totally FREE ISO 19650 Edition today!