Solibri UK Ltd and Evolve Consultancy are strategic partners. Evolve Consultancy is able to offer fully accredited, official Solibri training in the UK & Ireland. 

Official SOLIBRI Office Training

SOLIBRI FUNDAMENTALS basic duration 2 x 0.5 day

SOLIBRI ADVANCED basic duration 2 x 0.5 day

Bespoke SOLIBRI Office courses

INTRODUCTION TO SOLIBRI basic duration 1 day

SOLIBRI RULES WORKSHOP basic duration 2 days

PRACTICAL COBie WITH SOLIBRI basic duration 1 day

Bespoke Solibri courses, based on internal model validation, digital production standards, EIR / BEP definitions, are available on request. Evolve specialises in Ruleset creation & implementing Solibri Office into your processes and procedures. Please contact us for further details.

Let’s improve the use of your digital production technology