BIM Training Courses

CERTIFIED BIM TRAINING SCHEME Evolve’s certified BIM training scheme is intended to standardise the knowledge necessary to deliver against the processes defined in the ISO 19650 series.

BIM AWARENESS The foundation knowledge necessary to understand Building Information Modelling and its execution within your business. Basic duration 1 day

BIM ADOPTION Developing the skills required to implement and manage BIM according to ISO 19650 and oversee project deliveries. Basic duration 1 day

DIGITAL PRODUCTION LEVEL 1 Core BIM authoring skills in either Autodesk Revit or Bentley OpenBuildings Designer. Basic duration 2 days

DIGITAL PRODUCTION LEVEL 2 Providing advanced modelling and object creation techniques, and working with IFC, in either Autodesk Revit or Bentley OpenBuildings Designer. Basic duration 1 day

PROJECT BIM MANAGEMENT Technical management of BIM authoring platforms and ensuring project requirements are met in either Autodesk Revit or Bentley OpenBuildings Designer. Basic duration 1 day

MODEL COORDINATION & VALIDATION BIM model coordination and clash detection in either Autodesk Navisworks, Bentley Navigator or Solibri Office. Basic duration 1 day

ASSET INFORMATION DELIVERY Taking model coordination to the next level and how to structure, check and prepare COBie in Autodesk Navisworks (basic duration 1 day) or Solibri Office (basic duration 2 days*).

* The Solibri course includes full guidance to creating custom rulesets for geometrical and non-geometrical purposes.


BIM WORKSHOP This is not your normal training course. We’ll lead you through a series of discussions and exercises designed to help you apply the implications of BIM to your own office practices. You will go away with an action plan totally and utterly tailored to your needs. Basic duration 1 day.

All levels of staff are welcome, but especially senior management, project associates, architects and engineers.

COBie WORKSHOP Intended to help all staff involved with design, delivery, construction or operations understand what COBie is and how it works in practice. This half-day workshop looks at your ongoing or upcoming project and how to align the information production to work within the COBie structure. Basic duration 0.5 day.

ASSET INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS WORKSHOP Designed specifically for FM or estates teams, our expert consultants will work with you to ascertain your information requirements and draft them into a clear AIR template for use on all of your projects. Basic duration 2 days.

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