A recent report by the Construction Innovation Hub highlighted that “there is clear direction from those providing evidence that there is a lack of digital skills within the sector which needs to be urgently addressed”. Evolve’s own research has shown that well-trained staff can improve productivity by an average of 3% per day.

At Evolve, we understand that learning needs are changing. We understand that your teams need to be as responsive and flexible as possible in order to deliver against your deadlines. We understand efficient and well-structured systems and processes are only part of the solution, along with properly educated staff.

This is why we offer a unique “Reinforced Contextual Learning” solution specifically designed to be as responsive and flexible as you need, engaging and comprehensive of all learning styles.

Evolve offers support, guidance and high-quality training services through all stages of assessment and delivery:

  • Full training needs analysis and capability assessment.
  • Onsite mentoring alongside your project teams for maximum return on investment.
  • Classroom and online training courses structured to meet your budget and project needs.
  • Follow-up mentoring and detailed one-on-one assistance.
  • Integrate training strategies with HR systems and staff professional development.
  • All training can be fully certified.
  • “Contextual Reinforced Learning” on-the-job upskilling for maximum effectiveness.


Let’s improve the use of your digital production technology