Project Modelling

This is not outsourcing.

Our UK-based Managed Digital Modelling service is unique, in that our best consultants will interface directly with your project team, coordinate the exchange of information with our studio in India, and validate all models and digital data to your exact standards before you receive it. Once you have the model, we will be on hand to assist in any way necessary to integrate it into the project.

This is Managed Digital Modelling.

We offer:

Full conception to construction “work-sharing”

Our consultants are just another part of your team, with no need to change the way you are comfortable working.

  • Massing & shadow studies
  • Design options, visualisations & animations
  • Full Architectural, Structural and MEP modelling
  • Clash detection and resolution
  • Scheduling and quantification
  • Constructability analysis and sequencing (4D)
  • Costing (5D)
  • Content creation

Process management & data validation

People and process are essential to implementing effective technology. The key to our service is our ability to deliver the process to support your people.

  • Development of BIM Execution Plans and Exchange Information Requirements
  • Full standards integration, including British and international protocols
  • Detailed model validation checks

You can rest assured that all of this is backed by the high quality experience and attention to detail Evolve’s clients have come to trust – and is fully supported and managed by our team of BIM experts in the UK.

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