Information Management

Successful Project Delivery Without the Risk

The management of information on a BIM project is paramount to its success. That’s why it is essential to find the right team to ensure the quality of your BIM projects. Evolve Consultancy, world-renowned experts and the “UK’s No. 1 BIM Consultancy” can enhance your project team and provide the following essential services:


  • Clarify & document Asset Information Requirements for successful project scope and closeout
  • Prepare Exchange Information Requirements, develop project BIM Execution Plans and enable BIM for your project
  • Manage information exchanges through a Common Data Environment, facilitate and lead BIM review meetings with design and construction teams
  • Manage, federate and validate models and information shared by consultants and contractors into a Project Information Model
  • Prepare project outputs including schedule simulation and COBie
  • Manage, validate and federate as-built models and data for development into Asset Information Model (AIM)
  • Monitor and manage adherence to BIM Execution Plan


  • Review design models and provide BIM coordination & clash detection reports
  • Facilitate and lead BIM coordination meetings with design and construction teams
  • Manage the process of tracking and auditing BIM coordination issues


  • Empower design teams and enable BIM processes and procedures in accordance with the project BIM Execution Plan
  • Validate and coordinate models against design requirements
  • Liaise with Client / Contractor; review Project Information Model by contractor against “for construction” models for BIM uses defined in the BIM Execution Plan
  • Mentor, assist and impart knowledge at all stages of the process

More than just BIM Coordination

Our Evolve Information Management service provides you with a BIM Coordination team at a competitive rate. All our BIM Coordinators are all fully trained and certified, so you can be assured that they have an unsurpassed level of understanding and on-the-job knowledge. They are experts in all aspects of the UK BIM Framework and international standards, capable of any task you should require.

Evolve will take all of the design models issued and validate the information in them to ensure the requirements in the EIR/BEP are adhered to. All non-compliances will be assigned a status dictating their importance. Updates to the model will have all non-compliances tracked to ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.

As experts in information exchange and Open BIM techniques, we can ensure the Project Information Model is converted to the required exchange formats (IFC and COBie) as required. Final output will be checked to ensure it matches the validated models.

All information is fully coordinated with the client’s requirements to avoid later remodelling or re-working of information to suit any client’s asset management requirements, reducing on-site RFIs and costly delays.

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