New to Solibri Model Checker v9.8 is the ability to categorise your models as you open them. 

Previously, all models would be grouped in the Model Tree based simply on the model name. This is still the case if no category is selected.

When a model is opened or added, you can use custom Model Categories to organise or group your models in a more suitable manner…

  1. Click on Add Category to define your categories.

  1. Enter the name(s) of the categories you need to organise your models.

  1. As you add more models, add the required categories. These will now be available in the Category dropdown

  1. Right-click on a model in the Model Tree and select Model Categories > Choose.

  1. Click on New Category… and enter the name(s) of your categories.

  1. Once your categories have been added, you will now be able to tick which categories each model should belong to.

  1. It is possible to select multiple models and assign Model Categories to them all at the same time. It completely depends on how you need to arrange your models. The image below shows one model 1234-XYZ-B2-zz-M3-S-Central grouped in two different categories.

  1. Categories can be renamed or deleted altogether using the right-click menu.

  1. Categories are fully integrated with Solibri’s selection sets and are also available to classifications and rules from the Identification Property Group.


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