Solibri classroom training courses 2022


Join us for these OFFICIAL Solibri training courses running this year. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of using Solibri to federate discipline-specific models for the purpose of model review and analysis of project data.

The second course is a follow-on to the Solibri Fundamentals course to understand the Rules Manager interface and custom requirements.

Solibri Fundamentals
08-09/02/2022 or 10-11/05/2022

Split over two morning sessions, the Fundamentals course will cover:

  1. Introduction to Our Product Family
  2. Solibri Familiarisation
  3. Navigating the Model
  4. Working with the Model
  5. The Selection Basket
  6. Component Classification
  7. Federated Models
  8. Checking the Model for Issues
  9. Communicating Issues
  10. Model Comparison and Updates
  11. Information Takeoff (ITO)

Solibri Advanced
22-23/02/2022 or 24-25-05-2022

Split over two mornings, the Advanced course will cover:

  1. Deep Dive into Solibri Office
  2. Model Configuration / Preliminary Checks
  3. Defining Rule Requirements
  4. Classifications
  5. Creating, modifying & managing
  6. Rulesets
  7. Creating, modifying & managing
  8. Information Takeoff (ITO)
  9. Creating, modifying & managing
  10. Deployment of resources using Roles

COBie Introductory Training

A half day covering all you need to know about COBie fundamentals and generating COBie with Solibri:

  1. The basics of COBie
  2. Configuration & Settings
  3. Workflow of Solibri COBie Extension
  4. Information Take-Offs & Classifications

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