Each view in Revit has a view range controlled by 4 different properties. Adjusting the range of these properties will control the appearance of each view.

view range

The view range can be adjusted by opening or selecting a view from the Project Browser and from the Properties palette, click Edit button next to View Range.
The View Range dialog box will show.

Clicking the << Show button will present a diagram that explains the difference between the ranges.

cut plane

Typically, the two most important aspects of the View Range to get correct are the Cut Plane and View Depth. If the Cut Plane is too high or too low, it may miss important information in the file. Equally, if the View Depth is not set correctly, you might miss key information in the view.

The below examples show the issue of a cut plane missing two of the windows.

The cut plan graphics are controlled by the Visibility Graphics’ Cut column.


In order to resolve the issue shown above, the top plane can be increased to ensure it picks up the higher window.

Notice the window displays differently i.e. the opening is not shown.


You may expect the Bottom plane to work in the same way but it will not show the items below. This is important because otherwise you may end up showing everything from floor beam construction to pipework in all plans.

Instead imagine looking down from the cut plane, it will only show the elements within that zone that would be visible e.g. The floor finish would obscure the visibility of the floor planks below

The Bottom plan graphics are controlled by the Visibility Graphics’ Projection/Surface column.

view depth

View Depth allows for an additional amount of information to be included but this information will always be shown using the built-in linestyle <Beyond>.

This line type can be customised to suit the requirements of a project, but this will change all elements that are outside the Bottom plane but inside the View Depth range. It is not possible to customise a beyond line type on an element by element basis.

Using a wall as an example, if this is modelled below the Bottom plane but above the View Depth.

The <Beyond> line type will display as dotted.


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