It is not possible to create Areas in Revit’s Design Options. They are created in the main model. In order to be able to schedule different areas, it is necessary to use Area Schemes.

Before you start, check the Design Options exist.

Creating Area Schemes

  1. From Architecture > Room & Area, open the dropdown and select Area & Volume Computations.
  2. On the Area Schemes tab, click New to create a new area scheme.
  3. Select the required Area Scheme Type.
  4. Rename the Area Schemes to match the Design Options. This is not essential, but it helps tracking.

creating area plans

  1. Select Architecture > Room & Area > Area > Area Plan.
  2. The New Area Plan dialog box will show. From the Type dropdown, choose the option number.
        From the list of floors, choose the floorplan for which an area plan will be created.
  3. Repeat for all other area scheme options and required floor plans. Each of the area plans will be listed in the project browser in their respective option number (Area Scheme).
  4. Open the area plans in turn and from the View Properties change the Visible In Option property to show the correct option.
  5. A schedule for each of the options can be created separately.



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