Remote Working Model Healthcheck

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Our unique productivity service available to any project anywhere in the world

This last week has seen a huge change in the way businesses operate. Working from how brings benefits, but also a set of challenges which may have disregarded when large, powerful PCs were in use. With laptops and lower broadband bandwidth or slow wifi, working on large models may not be as straightforward as it was just a week or so ago. Are you experiencing any of the follwing symptoms with either DGN, DWG, RVT or even IFC?

  1. Long times for files to open or close
  2. Waiting for ages for commands to begin
  3. Slow panning or zooming
  4. Excessive error messages
  5. Save or synchronisation times increased
  6. File corruptions

We can help. Evolve Consultancy is offering a new, low-price "Model Healthcheck" service to keep your projects effective and efficient. Simply send us your model and we will do a full, detailed review and report back to you the same day on any actions you need to consider to improve performance. We'll review every aspect of the model structure and geometry including:

  • Opening & closing times
  • File sizes
  • File settings & contents
  • Referenced / linked files
  • Imported elements
  • Families / blocks / cells
  • View performance & quality
  • All tested on various connection speeds

You'll receive a concise breakdown of our findings with recommendations you can implement immediately. And if you worry that you don't have the technical expertise to make these improvements, we can help with that side of things as well - but only if you need.

This is a unique service aimed specifically at SMEs but available to any project anywhere in the world.

If you're ready to send us your model(s) click on ADD TO CART and we'll send you a secure link to upload your model. If you'd prefer to discuss details, call us on +44(0)20 7549 3614 or email today.

If you need remote help, Evolve Consultancy is here.


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Original price was: £550.00.Current price is: £300.00.