Use the images below to help navigate the PowerDraft CONNECT ribbon and find commonly used tools.

Top of screen

  1. Workflow: changes the tools available in the ribbon to match a specific set of tasks
  2. Quick Access Toolbar: shortcuts for commonly used tools
  3. Ribbon: a series of tabs, groups and tools
  4. Search Ribbon: your best friend for finding where that elusive tool is
  5. View Tool Box: navigation commands

Bottom of screen

  1. Manage View Groups: navigating between models and controlling which views are open
  2. Prompt: always check this if you’re not sure what MicroStation is expecting you to do
  3. Message Centre: important messages
  4. Snap Mode
  5. Locks
  6. Active Level (double-click to open Level Manager)
  7. Selection Set
  8. Workmode: indicates if you are in a restricted workmode, for example working in a DWG file
  9. File Protection: indicates if the file is editable or read-only

Location of commonly used tools

Element Selection

Drawing > Home > Selection

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Main

It might be worthwhile pinning this group to all tabs:

  1. Right-click on the group
  2. Pin/Unpin Group > Pin to current workflow
  3. Selection will then appear on the far left of each tab

Lines & basic elements

Drawing > Home > Placement

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Linear, Polygons, Circles

Manipulate and Modify

Drawing > Home > Manipulate, Modify

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Main


Drawing > Analyze > Measure

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Overflow

Text and Dimension

Drawing > Annotate or Home > Placement (Text only)

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Text, Overflow

Level Display & Level Manager

Drawing > Home > Primary

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Primary


Drawing > Home > Primary (References under Attach Tools)

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Primary (References under Attach Tools)


Drawing > Home > Primary

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Primary


Drawing > Annotate > Cell

Tasks Navigation > Drawing > Primary (Cell Library), Overflow (Place Active Cell)


Drawing > Drawing Aids > ACS

Tasks Navigation > N/A

Snap selection tool

Drawing > Drawing Aids > Snaps

Tasks Navigation > N/A

[Shift] + Left & Right buttons

Task Interface

If you cannot get used to the new interface and shortcuts, it is possible to revert to the old SELECT Series Task-based interface, and the old keyboard shortcuts.

To do this, you need to have Position Mapping turned on.

Go to File > Settings > User > Preferences > Position Mapping and tick Use Position Mapping.

Change the Workflow to Task Navigation:

The old shortcuts (e.g. Q1 for Place SmartLine) now work.

You can take this further if you need by opening the old SELECT Series Task dialog box instead.

From the Drawing Workflow, click on the Select V8i mode button.

Pick Dialog.

The old Task box will be displayed, and again, the old keyboard shortcuts will be used:


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