AccuDraw can enter absolute co-ordinates. The absolute co-ordinate values are distances from the design file’s global origin (0,0). Ordnance Surveys use absolute coordinates.

When AccuDraw is active, type PP to bring up the Data Point Keyin window for a single entry.

Type PM to bring up the Data Point Keyin for multiple entries.

Choose “Absolute (xy=)” from the menu on the left and type in your co-ordinate in the text box. Enter the co-ordinate in the format: X,Y,Z (The Z value is only necessary in a 3D file).

If one or more values are 0 you may either enter 0 or leave it blank.

100,0,0 is the same as 100

100,0,100 is the same as 100,,100

Check co-ordinates of a point using AccuSnap Settings > Update Statusbar Coordinates or by using Running Coordinates (right click on the status bar and turn on Running Coordinates).

AccuDraw can be set to show a readout of Northings and Eastings instead of X and Y. Use the keyin:

accudraw settings northeast

Note: the keyin window can be opened from Home > Primary (S 8 1):

or by hitting [Enter] over a View while no tool is active.

Use the keyin:

accudraw settings xy

to return back to normal.

Modifying co-ordinates using Element Information

You can modify co-ordinates using the Geometry section of Properties. Open Properties by right-pressing on an element, then choosing Properties.

Type in values for the x and y coordinates for the start or end points of an element.


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