Placing circles (E 3 1)

Place a circle by Centre and choose the centre point to start:

Place a circle by Edge and select the first point on the edge, and two more points on the edge:

Placing a circle by Diameter allows you to define the diameter by the second point placement:

Ticking the box for setting the Diameter or Radius will allow you to define the Diameter or Radius without having to use AccuDraw or defined points on the screen.

Placing arcs (E 2 1)

Note: The third point has not been placed in the images below but the cursor is shown heading towards it.

Method = Start Center: Start 1, Center 2, End 3

Method = Center, Start: Center 1, Start 2, End 3

Method = Start, Mid, End: Start 1, Mid 2, End 3

Method = Start , End , Mid: Start 1, End 2, Mid 3


Drawing a circle tangential to two or three lines

Method = Edge

Using the Tangential Snap, snap to each line in turn to place the circle tangential.

Drawing an Arc tangential to two lines

Method = Start, End, Mid

Tangent Snap on two of the lines for Start and End, then choose the placement of the arc


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