Copy & Array

Use the Copy tool (to create multiple copies by entering the number of copies in the Copy element dialog box. This will place the required number of elements in one go.

The Move Parallel tool (R 6) will allow you to place the distance in the dialog box, rather than using AccuDraw, but the number of copies will need to be placed manually.

Check that Make Copy is ticked.

The Array tool (R 7) will allow you to place rows and columns and will show a preview of dots.

Polar Array

Choose the Array tool (R 7) from Home > Manipulate.

To array this line around in a curve to make a 180 degree stair rotation (polar) use the following settings:

Method = Polar

Copies = 6

Delta angle = -30 (for a clockwise rotation)


Total Angle = -180

Rotate items = On

Click on the line. As you drag the cursor away from the line you will see points representing the rotated items. Check that you have the correct number and adjust your settings if needed.

Click on the centre of rotation – in this case the bottom of the red line.


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