The Keypoint Snap setting lets you snap to equally spaced points along an element. The default value of 2 gives you the endpoints and midpoint. Use the AccuDraw keyin K to change the default setting of 2 to another number.

E.g. changing the keypoint to 5 will allow you to snap to 5 portions (6 points) of a line.

“Lock” the snap type by using Shift+Tentative (brings the snaps list up at your cursor) and select the Default Snaps.

All other snaps in the pop-up (e.g. centre point) will always return back to the default snap after use.

Note: the “old” snaps pop-up can be accessed using Shift+Ctrl+Tentative.

To open the Snaps toolbar, use Ctrl+T and then tick Snap Mode:

To set the default snap in the toolbar, double-click the required mode. The default snap will show shaded.

Click on the Multi-snap Settings to set the properties. Drag Intersection to the top of the list to ensure intersections are always a priority over snapping to keypoints.

Holding Ctrl+Shift down will enable/disable AccuSnap.

Enable for Fence Create in AccuSnap Settings (click on the AccuSnap Settings arrow in the bottom right of the Snaps pop-up) will enable snaps when you place a fence.

When using AccuSnap in “messy” areas move towards the junction point from the direction of the line you wish to snap to.

Example: Nearest Snap & Smart Lock

Use SmartLine, AccuDraw and Nearest Snap to draw lines to arcs or rotated lines without the need for trimming:

  1. Start a line towards the arc.
  2. Press [Enter] to lock the axis.
  3. Set the Nearest Snap. The line will only be able to snap to one point on the arc.


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