creating levels

To create a new level, open any of the Elevations views in the Project Browser and then click on Architecture tab > Datum panel > Level tool:

The Options bar present additional settings to consider:

  • Make Plan View
    Gives the option to create a new plan view associated with the new level. Ticking the box creates the new plan view and sets the level tag as blue, Un-ticking the box does not create a new plan view and sets the level tag as black.
  • Plan View Types
    Gives the option to create either a floor plan, ceiling plan or both.
  • Offset
    Entering a positive or negative value will draw the new level with the respective offset above or below the level callout.

Start placing the level by clicking in the view. It is recommended that the levels are lined up vertically to keep the view tidy. Use the blue dashed guidelines to achieve this.

Complete the level by clicking at the opposite end of the level callout.

modifying levels

Levels can be modified by opening any of the Elevation views in the Project Browser and selecting the relevant level. A selected level turns blue and the level parameters can be edited in the Properties palette or in the level tag

For example, to edit the level name click on the Name e.g. XX-01-MP-A-GA in the tag to activate the text editor or edit the name in the Properties palette > Identity Data > Name

The temporary dimension can be edited by clicking on the value (e.g. 4000). The dimension will edit the selected level.

The Elevation levels can be edited either in the Properties palette > Constraints > Elevation or directly in the level tag. This value represents the building elevation level from a datum level, usually above sea level.

The value of the Elevation levels, in relation to the datum level and/or the ‘ground level’ for the project, are controlled by the Master Coordinates file.

An option can be set for displaying either values above datum or project elevations in the elevation level tags. In the Properties palette > Edit Type > Constraints > Elevation Base:

  • Project Base Point
    Displays the building levels e.g. ground floor at 0 (zero)
  • Survey Point
    Displays the level above datum

The levels tags can be edited to clarify the presentation of the view.

  • Click the tick box to display or hide the bubble or either side of the level callout.
  • Click Add elbow to create a joint in the level line to allow for flexibility to place the level bubble
  • Click the padlock to lock or un-lock the callouts. Un-locking provides options to move the level callouts horizontally independently of each other.






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