Linetypes change the way geometry is displayed in AutoCAD and can be controlled either by layer or by an individual object’s properties.


To change the linetype of a layer, from the Ribbon Home tab > Layers panel, click the Layer Properties button.

Click the linetype of the layer you wish to change. The Select Linetype dialog box will be displayed.

By default all layers are created with a continuous linetype. To add a new linetype, click Load… and select the desired linetype from the list.

The linetype will be added to the list of available linetypes in the Select Linetype dialog box. Select the linetype you wish to use and click OK.

To change the linetype of an individual object, select the object and change the linetype from the Ribbon Home tab > Properties panel, click the Linetype drop-down.


The objects remain on the same layer but are displayed with different linetypes.


While working on files, it can be beneficial to be able to hide objects from the screen without turning any layers off. This can be done using the Isolate tool.

To isolate objects, select the objects you wish to show on the screen, right-click and choose Isolate > Isolate objects

All objects selected will remain and any other objects will be hidden.

When Isolate is active, the Isolate button on the AutoCAD Status Bar will show a red bulb.

To cancel Isolate, click the Isolate button and choose End object isolation.

Without Isolate active, the Isolate button will display a yellow bulb.

Isolate will always be cancelled when closing a drawing. It is not possible to save a drawing with the Isolate active.

Linetype Scale


In order to adjust the presentation of a linetype, use linetype scaling or LTSCALE and PSLTSCALE. This can allow you to present your drawings at multiple scales while maintaining the linestyles’ appearance. In the image, the same linetype is used for each line with different LTSCALE for each line.


Controls the global linetype scale.

To change the LTSCALE for a drawing, type “LTSCALE” into the command line. You will be prompted:

Enter new Linetype scale factor <1.0000>:

A value can be entered for your Linetype scale.

Note:   The Linetype scale is usually best matched to the scale of your drawing. If the final drawing will be displayed at 1:100, use an LTSCALE of 100. If you’re working with multiple scales in your viewports, use the PSLTSCALE to control the scale of your linetypes’ and LTSCALE to control the linetypes in Modelspace.


Controls the Paperspace Linetype scale and allows all viewports to represent geometry at the same scale on paper irrespective of viewport scale.

To change the PSLTScale, type “PSLTSCALE” on the command line, you will be prompted:

Enter new value for PSLTSCALE <1>:

Enter a value of:

0 - The Linetypes will be scaled based on the scale of the viewport.

1 - The Linetypes will only use the LTSCALE value. Dashes will display the same length regardless of the viewport scale.

The default option of 1 is the preferred option to maintain consistency with linetypes when printing drawings.


Individual objects can be overridden to have their own unique linetype scale.

Select an object, right-click and choose Properties.

From the Properties palette, adjust the Linetype scale value.

Note:    The Linetype scale is a scale based on the global linetype scale. E.g. if your global LTSCALE is set to 100, a value of 2 in the object will set that object’s overall linetype scale to 200.

Matching Objects Properties

The Match Properties tool will apply the properties of a selected object to other objects in the drawing. Properties that can be matched include colour, layer, linetype, linetype scale, lineweight, plot style and transparency.

From the Ribbon Home tab > Clipboard panel, click the Match Properties tool.

Command line: To start the Match Properties tool from the command line, type “MA” and press [Enter].

Pick the source object with the properties that you wish to apply to other objects.

Select the objects that you wish to apply the source properties to. When finished press [Enter] to exit the command.



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