To help with your adoption of ISO 19650, we have prepared this ISO 19650 briefing paper. It covers 10 important items you should review in your practice as you begin your migration to the processes and procedures the series defines:

  1. International projects
  2. Reviewing your existing QA procedures
  3. Cascading information requirements
  4. CDE processes & procedures
  5. Open standards (IFC, COBie & PDF)
  6. Reviewing your scope of services
  7. Updating any template documents
  8. Acceptance of project documents
  9. File naming & standards
  10. Layer naming (ISO13567)

For the full details, download the attached PDF.

You can purchase the ISO 19650 suite here: BSENISO19650-1&2:2018 and PD19650-0:2019 (buy the bundle, you'll save £65 on the non-members price of buying all 3 separately).

And if at any time, you could do with a little extra guidance or assistance at any stage of your ISO 19650 journey, please drop us a line at or calll us (numbers are on the Contacts page). We're here to help.


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