FREE Webinar: Revit Project Coordinates (02/04/2020)


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Evolve’s FREE webinars are aimed at improving your productivity when remote working.

In order to ensure that all information is authored in the correct geographical location but also within the accurate modelling area allowed by Revit (the limitation to draw accurately in Revit is a 10mile/16km radius from the Origin Point), the coordinate system has to be setup in advance of the project team starting to develop the model for collaboration purposes.

This one hour session will explain the importance of Shared Coordinates and how to deifne them effectively for working on a collaborative project. Never again will you be struggling to move the other consultants’ models into the correct location when linking. Without correct coordinates, your job of coordination is so much harder.

Revit Project Coordinates (14:15 – 15:15)

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All attendees will receive a FREE handout covering the points raised in this webinar.


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