by | Jan 28, 2016 | News

Ahead of official press releases from Bentley Systems, Nigel & Daniel’s new book “Practical Structural Modelling with AECOsim Building Designer” is now available to order!

Following the successful and popular architectural book, Practical Structural Modelling with AECOsim Building Designer guides you through the structural application of Bentley Systems’ premier BIM platform in a design and construction scenario. From the early stages of project coordination, through design development, to the exchange of model and associated information, the step-by-step exercises help you to become productive and comfortable with the principles of BIM workflows in a short space of time.

Written for all levels of experience, from beginners seeking clear explanations of AECOsim Building Designer’s functionality to experts requiring insight into the best methods of managing digital production on a project, this book is a comprehensive reference guide to the realistic deployment of structural BIM.

The detailed exercises in this book follow a typical project workflow, approaching each task as you would in a real-life with associated exercises which are based on an actual building.  You will be guided through the process of defining the project grids and coordinate systems, constructing the basic constituents of any structural frame: beams, columns, foundations, slabs, walls and stairs, creating additional custom content and linking your production model with analytical design. The use of Dynamic Views and scheduling is demystified allowing you to produce detailed and accurate project documentation.

Either as a self-learning guide, or as the basis of a well-defined training program, Practical Structural Modelling is highly recommended for all structural engineering practices, this book is also an invaluable source of intelligence for students, lecturers, trainers, or anyone involved in the design, construction and management of the world’s built environment.

This title is not yet available from online bookstores including Amazon or Kindle. Order from the Bentley store:–Practical-Structural-Modelling-With-AECOsim-Building-Designer#/