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The BIM Show Live is “an unmissable BIM experience” over two days featuring “a series of keynotes, panel, and interactive seminar sessions from BIM and digital construction experts from across the globe.” Two of those digital construction experts are our two directors, Nigel Davies and Daniel Heselwood.

Together they’ll be presenting the ambitious session “A Fistful of IFC” – a live demonstration of everything you need to know to exchange models and data between the top three BIM authoring tools. Taking the role of stakeholders on a BIM Level 2 project somewhere near the Mexican border, they will work through the essentials of collaborative modelling, the settings and considerations for consistent IFC, before validating their information to meet the Common Data Environment requirements of BS1192.

A Fistful of IFC will feature at 14:00 on 28/02 in the Dec Room

Nigel will also be appearing on day 2 with a “a semi-serious” review of the major BIM authoring tools and their ability to deliver to the British Standards out of the box. Expect fireworks as he judges whether your authoring tools are BS-compliant or just plain BS. But more than that, he’ll be looking at the configurations and mapping files that need to be customised to realise compliance, and discuss the pros and cons of different approaches. One not to miss, unless you’re easily offended by the truth.

Is Your BIM BS is 11:45 on 01/03 on the Sir Bobby Robson Stage

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Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash