Evolve Consultancy are certified Solibri Specialists

Evolve is proud to announce we have been certified by Solibri to their highest level of Solibri Specialist.

Solibri maintains rigorous criteria to meet the certified level of Solibri Specialist which demonstrates the ability to create resources and adapt them to different workflows fluently. It requires extensive experience and a deep knowledge of Solibri, enabling the required outcome and even silent wishes.

Pia Nitz, Solibri’s Global Training and Certification Manager commented “[Evolve] are true BIM professionals we can warmly recommend to our customers. The BIM knowledge and industry insight combined with excellent training skills are really powerful qualities.”

Evolve’s experience in setting up Solibri solutions with our client’s made us a perfect fit, not only to get certified, but we also now deliver many of the training courses on behalf of Solibri UK. We worked with their team to ensure the courses are more than just tools training but a practical and pragmatic approach to model checking. The attendees always benefit from the lessons we have learned on real-world projects.

For more information about upcoming training courses with Solibri visit https://www.solibri.com or get in touch with us directly to book a course now https://evolve-consultancy.com/services/training/solibri-training/