After 25 years of practice, David Morley Architects’ projects have been consistently both evolutionary and revolutionary, building on tradition as well as creating prototypes for the future.

A David Morley Architects project is a ‘natural consequence’ using both meanings: in harmony with nature and relaxed and unaffected. Their work is integrated, wherever possible using one building component to solve more than one problem and it’s based on a process of dialogue and communication to ensure every scheme is well focussed on delivering what each individual client needs.

David Morley Architects has partnered with KnowledgeSmart and Evolve Consultancy to identify gaps in its team’s CAD and BIM expertise and provide the targeted training needed to raise benchmarks across the firm

Read the full case study on AEC Magazine’s website: https://aecmag.com/case-studies-mainmenu-37/1270-skills-assessment

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