by | Nov 9, 2018 | News

Uncertainty…. Uncertainty can be as much of a problem for businesses as anything else. With the upcoming exit of the UK from Europe, none of us can be certain what the future holds for trading between our countries. Add to that the uncertainty of what ISO19650 may mean for your project deliveries and you could be facing a challenging time.

Here at Evolve we’re offering you the opportunity to reduce your potential worries and help you develop a strategy for ISO19650 adoption before the Brexit crunch day of 29th March 2019. We will review your existing processes and Building Information Modelling policies and prepare a full BIM Implementation Report highlighting the areas you’ll need to consider to successfully implement the new international standards.

Our review benefits from the experiences gained from working through the UK’s BIM Level 2 mandate and how our lessons learned can directly apply to your implementation of ISO19650. The review and report will cover the following critical areas:

  • The Common Data Environment: principles and core working processes
  • Working with Exchange Information Requirements
  • Developing BIM Execution Plans: including Master Information Delivery Plans, Responsibility Matrix, Project Information Requirements
  • Level of Information need, asset requirements and handover
  • Training needs analysis and skills development

All of this for the special offer price of €1965.0*

Contact us today to reserve a date for your invaluable BIM Implementation Report.

* This offer is open only to European practices outside of the UK. The fee excludes relevant taxes and additional expenses. A full quote will be prepared for you in advance to avoid uncertainty. Dates for this are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. This offer ends 29th March 2019 (unfortunately).