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Regardless of your role within your company, Building Information Modelling affects the way you do business. With BIM being mandated on all public projects by 2016, and adoption accelerating in the private sector, all levels of staff need to be prepared. Evolve’s BIM Awareness Workshops enable this through presentations, best practice advice, discussion, and hands-on project-based exercises.

This one-day workshop is aimed at department managers, project leaders, designers and associates who need to appreciate how BIM integrates with your existing workflows and production of project deliverables. By the end of the day, your team will be able to identify key actions and prepare a company-wide, office or project BIM strategy through the following topics:

  • An overview of BIM
    • What it is, and what it isn’t
    • “Big BIM” and “Little BIM”
  • The UK Government BIM initiative & its implications to the private sector.
  • BIM objectives:
    • Identifying the relevant uses
    • Department/discipline-specific deliverables
    • Internal BIM benefits and the progression to Open BIM
  • Developing an adoption strategy:
    • Prioritising actions
    • Programme, targets & key performance indicators
    • Technology requirements
    • Analysing further training needs
  • Standards and documentation:
    • PAS1192-2:2013
    • Preparing template documents
    • The Project BIM Execution Plan
    • System/software adherence
    • Integration with existing workflows
  • Data exchange & communicating with others:
    • Optimising information for data exchange
    • Exchange formats: IFC, COBie and the alternatives
    • Drawing production and scheduling
    • What to send and what not to send
  • Defining the next steps.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash