Evolve Consultancy helps you work more profitably by improving the use of your digital production technology.

The BIM Specialist.

Evolve is one of the UK’s premier BIM and design technology consultancies. The internationally renowned consultancy was formed in 2005, becoming incorporated in 2007, to provide support and development services to the construction industry. Evolve delivers consulting services and support to clients, contractors, architects and engineers in the UK, the US, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Evolve offers the experience required for the design, development and implementation of technology-enabled data production processes, preparing the way for new methods of working.

Evolve’s aims are to:

  • Implement technology to support your business needs.
  • Always account for the human aspects of any solution.
  • Unlock the full potential of existing assets.
  • Ease the learning process.
  • Reduce risk and maximise productivity.

We provide a service that we believe is unique in the UK, and one of the best in the world.


Our client list and track record speaks for itself – we know what we’re doing and can back it up with extensive experience. Our approach is always based on tried and tested methods, proven by some of the best practices in the world. We don’t believe you’ll find anyone better.


All of us are qualified within the architecture or engineering fields. We’ve worked on projects for most of our careers and still do. We’ve all been up against deadlines late on a friday night, so we realise our solutions have got to help deliver. It’s an important part of our success.


You’ll find we’re all open, approachable and can communicate at all levels. We’ll cut through the “tech talk”, breaking it down into easily understandable concepts. Whatever the situation, you’ll know exactly what we’re proposing and what it means.


Seriously. It might be a cheesy thing to say, but we do really enjoy our work. For us, business is not about getting in, doing a job and getting out. It’s about building a relationship, working together and passing on our knowledge. Ask anyone we’ve worked with, they’ll agree.

Evolve Consultancy Services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative process defined in ISO 19650 used to generate the right information for the right person at the right time...
You can rely on Evolve’s first-hand industry knowledge to provide you with a rounded unbiased opinion on the approach to BIM that is right for you.
The management of information on a BIM project is paramount to its success. That’s why it is essential to find the right team to ensure the quality of your BIM projects...
Evolve Consultancy, world-renowned experts and the “UK’s No. 1 BIM Consultancy” can enhance your project team and provide essential services.
Our UK-based Managed Digital Modelling service is unique, in that our best consultants will interface directly with your project team...
Once you have the model, we will be on hand to assist in any way necessary to integrate it into the project.
Evolve has extensive experience in managing all aspects of digital production technology, project information exchange and collaboration...
The best design in the world is worthless if the design information cannot be communicated correctly.
At Evolve, we understand that learning needs are changing. We understand that your teams need to be as responsive and flexible as possible...
This is why we offer a unique “Reinforced Contextual Learning” solution specifically designed to be as responsive and flexible as you need.

Let’s improve the use of your digital production technology

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