Now available as a FREE e-book download or a limited edition pocket book, The Game Of BIM handy pocket guide gives you all the important facts about UK BIM Level 2 right at your fingertips.

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Presented in a clear, easy to read, fun style, The Game Of BIM is a must-have reference guide. Covering all the "Pillars of BIM" and much, much more, you'll never confuse your BS with your PAS ever again.

  • What is BIM?
  • Common Data Environment
  • How the multiude of Information Requirements link together with a BIM Execution Plan
  • The difference between LOMD, LOD and LOI
  • What COBie is
  • Object naming
  • Uniclass 2015
  • The list is endless!

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Alongside the facts, there are invaluable "BIM Hacks" and "Cheat Codes" to highlight specific points or to help understand how things should work in real life. Keep it in your pocket to swipe out and amze your friends - or clients - with your unbelievable grasp of BIM Level 2 concepts!

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