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7th of July 2017

Revit does not use layers, but layers are an important aspect of standard information exchange and must exist for any IFC content.

16th of March 2017

If you are interested in what goes on in the wild world of Evolve, here's where to find out. We don't know what will happen from day to day. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty...

10th of February 2017

Everything about BIM seems entirely straightforward for those “in the know” yet utterly confusing for those trying to understand.

25th of January 2016

Nigel looks back on the development and concepts of BIM in the UK and asks whether we've made progress or not...


14th of January 2016


Level of Development doesn't offer enough flexibility alone. Nigel considers this month whether LOD needs expanding...

31st of October 2014

Common language is the foundation of good communication. Nigel looks at how BIM objects can/should/aren't named, and the effect Uniclass v2 might have on this...

1st of February 2013

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30th of June 2008

A free to download BEP template...