Wednesday, 30 April, 2014


Whether you like it or not, the biggest event since the Millennium Bug is only 18 months away. 2016: the UK Government’s deadline for adoption of Level 2 BIM. And the private sector is right there with them…

Even if you know what Level 2 BIM actually is, it may be that others in your organisation don’t. Not only that, they do not realise the implications for the projects they are working on. That’s why we’re holding an open, one day BIM IMPLEMENTATION WORKSHOP.

When? Monday 09/06/2014.

Where? Marylebone.

What’s the plan? This is not your normal training course. We’ll lead you through a series of discussions and exercises designed to help you apply the implications of BIM to your own office practices. You will go away with an action plan totally and utterly tailored to your needs.

All levels of staff are welcome, but especially senior management, project associates, architects and technicians.

What will we cover? Everything essential to understand what BIM means to you:

  • The UK Government BIM initiative
  • BS1192-1 and the Common Data Environment
  • PAS1192-2, EIR, BEP, MIDP, TIDP and all the other acronyms you care to think of
  • BIM protocols
  • BIM software and collaboration 

How much? Only £199 (+VAT, sorry) per person. Just fill in the attached booking form and send it back to

Be prepared. Be very prepared.